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Honeybees & Corn 2016

Honeybees & Corn 2016I had a yard of 40 hives on a quarter section of treated corn this year.It is interesting as I am not seeing any of the effects

Let’s End The Stupidity Now

Let's End the Stupidity NowOn July 19th, the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists (CAPA) released their yearly report regarding overwintering losses. For those that wish to read the report in

Ontario Pollinator Health Action Plan

Ontario Pollinator Health Action PlanOverall things are good in the Canadian honeybee industryColony and beekeeper numbers are up and the general health of our bees is good.  With what the

Small Hive Beetle Part 2

Small Hive Beetle Part 2When I posted my article on the Small Hive Beetle yesterday, I knew there would be some negative reaction to it. This is understandable, as the

Small Hive Beetle

Small Hive BeetleAs a commercial beekeeper, there are numerous challenges that we must over come each year in order to ensure our bees are healthy and our businesses are successful.


PropagandaOn July 22, the Globe and Mail published an article by Margaret Wente titled “Good News: There is no Honeybee Crisis”. This article has generated a lot more buzz than


AccountabilityThe new Ontario neonicotinoid regulations took effect on July 1, with both the Ontario Beekeepers Association (OBA) and the provincial government heralding the changes as being vital to ensuring the

Canadian Senate “Bee Health” Report

Canadian Senate “Bee Health” ReportOn May 26, 2014, the Canadian Senate released its report entitled “The Importance of Bee Health to Sustainable Food Production in Canada” (Read the full report

Sierra Club of Canada – Protect the Pollinators Tour

Sierra Club of Canada – Protect the Pollinators TourOn March 24, the Sierra Club of Canada made a stop in Edmonton with its “Protect the Pollinators Tour“. As I live


#Beesmatter“Getting the facts straight on honey bees”Last week a new website called “Beesmatter” was launched, and with it came an open letter to Ontarians titled “Getting the Facts Straight on Honey

Statistics Canada “Canadian Honeybee Industry” Annual Report 2014

Statistics Canada “Canadian Honeybee Industry” Annual Report 2014On December 9, 2014, Statistics Canada released its annual “Production and value of honey” report for 2014 On December 9, 2014, Statistics Canada